Ad Swaps To Build Your Mailing List

Time and time again, internet marketers have mentioned how “gold can be found in your mailing list.” It has become a cliché or sorts, so it seems, given the many times the maxim has been repeated over and over again, in many channels, in many articles, in many eBooks, and in many newsletters.But there’s a reason why it’s a cliché. It’s because it’s true.The bigger the size of your mailing list, the higher your chances are of bagging some sales. It’s a numbers game, one which you could easily manipulate to your advantage.Why Your Need A Mailing ListLet’s go to the specifics.As an online businessman, a mailing list is almost an indispensable requirement for your success. Here are the reasons why:* Experts say that it takes 7 to 12 contacts with a prospect, at the average, before you could convince him to make a purchase. A mailing list would allow you to keep in touch with the said prospect.* Your prospects have to be warmed up before they could make a purchase. You have to win their trust and confidence before they could part with their hard earned money. A mailing list opens the doors for a variety of strategies that would allow you to prime them up for your sales pitches.* A mailing list would likewise make it easy for your customers to contact you whenever they need answers to their queries. In a way, a mailing list can also become an excellent vehicle to provide post sales support for your customers.* The size of your mailing list reflects your credibility as a joint venture (JV) partner for profitable undertakings requiring a partnership between two or more internet marketers. Your mailing list is not only a well for potential customers, it’s also your badge of how much you have achieved in the industry.Few are the internet marketers who do business online without a mailing list. This is a testament to how valuable your own subscriber base can be.The Trick Is In Flooding Your Mailing List With SubscribersClearly, success with your mailing list depends on how many subscribers you’d manage to garner. The more people who will sign up for your follow-up system, the higher your chances will be in earning a lot of profit.The question is, how do you explode the number of subscribers for your mailing list?Driving traffic to your opt-in page is the number one strategy to implement. Online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, forum posting, direct advertising and reciprocal linking are keys for your traffic generation purposes.But there’s one other strategy that would provide an almost instantaneous arrival of signups.We’re talking about ad swaps.Ad Swaps?Ad swaps is an inexpensive but highly effective technique that involves two or more online businessmen with sizable mailing lists. One marketer would simply have to exchange ads with another marketer in their respective mailing list.The result?An exchange of ads that would result in an exchange of subscribers.For example, marketer A has a mailing list composed of 5,000 members. Marketer B has a mailing list composed of 4,000 subscribers.An ad swap simply means that marketer A would run marketer B’s ad in his newsletter, which would lead marketer A’s subscribers to marketer B’s opt-in page. Marketer B would have to do the same favor for marketer A.Marketer A potentially stands to earn 4,000 new subscribers. Marketer B potentially stands to earn 5,000 new subscribers. Such would be a profitable exchange of members that would increase the size of their respective mailing lists!Ad swaps usually are free. All you have to do is to find a willing partner, which would be easy once you have built a sizable subscriber base.Offering freebies as rewards for signups would also ensure the success of ad swap campaigns.

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